Acknowledgements and thank you

This research project has only been possible through the goodwill of the community of the Normanby Basin. Numerous people and their organisations have been involved in providing assistance, advice, and resources.

We thank Ian, Malcolm and Lynette McCollum for their generous support and advice on the project from day one. Thanks to Ted Lee, the Laura Rangers, Thomas Brooks-Wallace, Jo Hoyle and Jenny Spencer, for the wonderful support building sediment traps and undertaking other arduous field tasks.

Pilot and machineThanks to Bungie our trusty helicopter pilot for always getting us there in one piece; to the PCB coring team of Jason Carroll (who also played a crucial role with various land lubber tasks), Trent Cini and the exceptional crew from the Pelican. We thank Amanda Hogbin, as well as the Lakefield National park rangers Sarah Jess and Carly Smith who generously provided a base for our work in the lower catchment.

We thank the traditional owners of all the country we have traversed to make this project happen including: Balngarawarra, Guguwarra, Western Yalanji, Bulgunwarra, Djugunwarra, Kuku Thaypan, Lama Lama and the clan groups of the Kalpowar Land Trust and Olkola. We thank Daryl and Lynda Paradise from Kings Plains, Roy and Carlene Shepard from Crocodile Station, Damian Curr and Bridget Adams from Springvale Station, the Harrigan family from Normanby Station, and Bill Reddie from Turalba Valley for their support of the project and for facilitating access to their land to enable us to collect the data that is central to this project.

We thank Paul Ryan, Toni-lee and Sam Smith; Haley Prout; Bill Bambury, and Lina Lovenich from Fairview Station for generously hosting Angela Gleeson over the 2011-12 wet season, and for undertaking myriad tasks in the rain. Thanks also to Andrew Hartwig for field assistance and advice.

Thanks to Vince Manley (DNRM Mareeba) for the supply of water quantity and quality data, Dave Waters (DNRM Towoomba) for supply of the synthetic hydrology data and the RUSLE data layers; Ryan Turner (DSITIA Brisbane) and Miles Furnas (AIMS) for sediment and nutrient data. Terry Culpitt, Ron deBoer, Mike Ruckert, and Peter Manson in the Imagery Coordination Program at the Queensland Department of Natural Resources & Mines (QDNRM) graciously provided the digital scan of State flown historic air photo negatives for the Mitchell-Normanby catchments.