This project was funded by the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country - Reef Rescue Initiative. Project management support was provided by Cape York Sustainable Futures (CYSF). We would like to thank Isha Segboer, Peter Thompson, Laura Richardson and Trish Butler for their collaboration. Special thanks also go to Ian, Malcolm and Lynette McCollum of the former Cape York Marine Advisory Group (CYMAG) for their project and personal support over the years.

This project would not have been possible without local graziers in the upper Laura-Normanby catchment who supported this research towards a deeper understanding of ‘breakaways’ and their management. We thank Roy and Karlene Shepard and Johnny Ross from Crocodile Station for their open invitation, project assistance, property dedication, and willingness to share erosion management thoughts. We thank Damian Curr, Bridget Adams, and Luke Quaid from Springvale Station for their hard work and forthright conversations about the difficulties and scale of managing severe gully erosion. Daryl and Lynda Paradise from Kings Plain Station, Harrigan family from Normanby Station, Bill Bambury from Olive Vale Station, and Bill Reddie from Turalba Valley also provided welcome advice and fruitful conversations.

We acknowledge the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of the country where this research took place. Specifically on Crocodile Station, we thank the following family groups among others: Tayley/Gibson/Ryan/Banjo/Donald/Chookie/Simon/Costello/Cummins/Brady/Rosendale/Ross/ Snider. On Springvale Station near the Granite/East/West Normanby, we thank the McClean family and others (Dyugunwarra) and the Gibson/Hamett families and others (Bulganwarra). For the Normanby Station area, we thank the Harrigan family and others. The Western Yalanji and Ang Gnarra Corporations and Professor Bruce Rigsby (University of Queensland) provided logistical advice for navigating traditional country.

Materials, machinery and labour for the project were provided by Far North Earthmoving, Mo and Tanya Jenkins Earthmoving, Mario Puccini Excavations, Swiss Farms, Miriwinni Lime, Tony Illing Seeds, Native Seeds, Revegetation Contractors, Jones Mobile Crushing, Oz Earthmoving, and Tom and Chris Besant Fencing. Special thanks go to Annette and Peter Marriott for their local guidance and open conversations.

Field support was provided by Lucas Armstrong, Brad Guy, Christina Howley, Jason Carroll, Angela Gleeson, Zoe Lieb, Amanda Hogbin, and John Spencer, in addition to Lachlan Young and Nat Ferraro from RPS Group Plc. Writing support was provided by Jean Stephan, Christina Howley, and Kim Stephan.

Technical and laboratory support for the project were graciously provided by John Spencer, Tim Pietsch, Daniel Borombovits, Graeme Curwen, Rawaa Abdul Jabbar, Bahar Nader Al-Uzairy, and Scott Byrnes at Griffith University. Nick McKelvey, Lachlan Young and Nat Ferraro from RPS provided terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) support. David Moore from Terranean Mapping Technologies/RPS provided airborne LiDAR support. Gerry Turpin and Darren Crayn from the Australian Tropical Herbarium assisted with plant identification. Graham Lancaster and Kris Saville from Environmental Analysis Laboratory assisted with soil, straw, and compost analysis.

Technical natural resource management (NRM) advice  was provided by Jason Carroll (SCYC), Ted Lee and Sue Marsh (Laura Rangers), Isha Segboer and Peter Thompson (CYSF), Joe Rolfe (QDAFF), Andrew Hartwig (Landcare), Ian, Malcolm and Lynette McCollum (CYMAG), Brynn Mathews (MRWMG), Darryl Hill (Soil Save), Mark Silburn (QDNRM), Andrew Biggs (QDNRM), Bruce Carey (QDSITIA), Janie White (QPWS), Keith MacDonald (former QPWS), Gabriel Crowley (Firescape Science), John Colless (Wetherby Station), Annette and Peter Marriott (Far North Earthmoving), Mo Jenkins (M&T Jenkins Earthmoving), Leigh Vohland (Oz Earthmoving), in addition to numerous land managers in the Normanby catchment.